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The most representative projects of Metropolis Group are the two projects of televised bingo show, developed in the years 1998 - 2000 and 2009-2012.

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During 1999 - 2000, Metropolis Group has developed its first major project, nationwide - SUPER BINGO PROTV. The project was implemented on the most popular TV channel in Romania - PRO TV and successfully combined the bingo game elements with an impressive entertainment show. The production of the show was originally created and developed by the company to provide its audience both the adrenaline of big winnings and the comic and entertainment moments.

In 2009, Metropolis Grup capitalized the opportunity and the potential of televised bingo project and started SUPER BINGO METROPOLIS on the national television network Antena 1 – the TV channel with the best entertainment programs. Metropolis Grup created a complete new show production, which had become leader on the Romanian media market with an average rating of 9 points and share of 20 points in its section time. The project SUPER BINGO METROPOLIS had an impressive infrastructure nationwide with an average of 5.000 people employed and awarded in total prizes over 70 million euro.

metropolis bingo

In 2013 SUPER BINGO METROPOLIS returns on Antena 1 with a brand new and improved show broadcast every Sunday and hosted by Mihai Mitoseru and his beautiful co-host Daniela Crudu, accompanied by the famous comic-couple Romica Tociu and Cornel Palade. During 2013 SUPER BINGO METROPOLIS rewarded its players with fabulous prizes. Tens of thousands Romanians have won millions of euro. The 2013 summer campaign “VaRADE Super Premii” proved to be a big success and offered the bingo players more chances to win fabulous prizes. As “records are made to be broken” starting 2013 autumn SUPER BINGO METROPOLIS is planning more and more surprises for all of its players.